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As the Corporate Director, I believe that in any strong business, leadership and experience matter. Access Rescue's Leadership and Management Group have a successful record of accomplishments in Consultation and Training Services.


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Mark Alderman

Executive Director

Did You Know?


Our Organization has developed and delivered programs to the Federal Canadian Government, Provincial Ministries, Regional Police Services, Municipal Fire Departments, Private Industry, and Community Colleges.

Established in 2003, we are now in our 16th year and continue to deliver courses, programs and services that are consistently identified as exceptional services by our clients. 

Some of the Most Experienced Instructors in the Industry


Every one of our lead instructors is a professional rescue trainer with real-life rescue experience. Our instructors know what works in the field and they know how to teach it to you. 

Comprehensive hands-on training has become our organization's trademark. Students work with the tools of the trade, solving rescue situations under real-life conditions. 


Mark Alderman

Mark is a former career Senior Fire Officer and holds a B.Sc., Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education.  Mark was an active Community Emergency Management Co-ordinator, Associate Instructor with the Office of Emergency Management Ontario, and Associate Instructor with the Ontario Fire Marshal's Office.  Mark is an active member of a Community College Advisory Committee for the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training Program and remains active as a Technical Rescue Instructor in disciplines including Ice Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Technical Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue and Hazardous Materials Response. 


Dan Boyer

Dan is a currently a Division Section Chief and previously a Fire Captain assigned to a technical rescue squad. Dan brings 20 years of operational rescue and command experience. Prior to joining the municipal Fire Service, Dan worked as a fire ranger with the MNR. Dan competed as an Auto Extrication team member, team captain and coach from 2002 - 2012 and has won the Canadian Auto Extrication National Championship and several International Competitions where he has been awarded Incident Command awards. Dan holds several instructor certifications and is active with Technical Rescue disciplines including Ice Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Technical High-Angle Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue and Machinery and Auto Extrication Rescue. 


Steve Dias

Steve is a career Firefighter with 8 years experience. Steve is active in Technical Rescue disciplines and he's also an instructor at a local college with the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training Program.  He has a Paramedic Diploma and he is a certified Athletic Therapist.  Prior to working in the fire service he was part of the medical teams, as an Athletic Therapist with BC Lions, Ottawa Renegades, Montreal Alouettes, Toronto Argonauts in the CFL and in the NHL with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Steve has shown his excitement for teaching over the years by mentioning student therapists throughout his career and being a First Responder Instructor. 


Brad Gould

Brad is a volunteer Fire Lieutenant. Brad brings 18 years of operational response and rescue experience. Brad holds several instructor certifications and is active with Technical Rescue disciplines including Ice Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, and Technical High-Angle Rope Rescue. Brad is also an active Emergency Medical Responder instructor. 

Graham Holt

Graham is a career Fire Acting Captain assigned to a Technical Rescue Squad.

Graham brings 15 years of operational rescue and command experience to the team.  He has an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Tourism as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Geography.  Prior to joining the Municipal Fire Service Graham worked as an outdoor guide in various backcountry settings across Canada.

Graham holds instructor certifications for Ice Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue.  He also is active with Technical Rescue disciplines including High Angle Rope Rescue and Advanced Auto Extrication Rescue. 


Jhaimir Cuellar

Jhaimir is actively involved in the Bolivian rescue service where he organizes and leads interagency rescue training and development programs with support from the Provincial Ministry of Public Safety, Emergency and Disaster. His training delivery involves ten Rescue Teams including airport firefighters and the police intelligence units.

Jhaimir started his rescue career in Bolivia as a member of a rescue team in 2001 learning rescue concepts through military-style training. Jhaimir is currently an active  Search And Rescue member of an United Nations recognized organization and also a member of their Marine Unit with teams in Canada and the UK. 

Jhaimir is a lead instructor with our technical rope rescue programs.


Marta Zausz

Marta is an instructor with our swift water rescue and water safety programs.


Jonathan Connerty

Jonathan is a career firefighter and instructs the following programs: Swift Water Rescue, Ice Rescue and Technicial Rope Rescue.