Confined Space Awareness

NFPA 1006: Confined Space Rescue - Online C$ 42.00



The Confined Space Rescue Awareness course is designed for emergency service personnel who respond to and support Confined Space Rescue Operations. 

This course is based on the NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications. This modular program presents: Roles and Responsibilities of Emergency Responders; Recognition and Identification of Confined Space; Environmental and Physical Hazards; and Initial Response Protocols. A certificate is issued on successful completion.

Confined Space Entry Awareness - Online C$ 42.00



This Confined Space Entry Awareness course is designed for personnel who conduct vocational activities in and around confined spaces. 

The confined spaces provisions in sector-based regulations made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act ensure that workers entering, working in or working near confined spaces are protected. This curriculum defines, explains and cites examples of confined space, associated hazards and safety measures. A certificate is issued on successful completion.

Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness - C$42.00



The Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness course is designed for fire service personnel and personnel that work around sources of H2S such as public works, and related contractors.  

Hydrogen sulfide is an extremely hazardous product and occurs naturally in the environment and as a by-product of certain production processes. Employers are required under Regulation 833, Control of Exposure to Biological or Chemical Agents, to limit the exposure of workers to specified hazardous biological or chemical agents in accordance with established values.  This online program introduces the characteristics of hydrogen sulfide (H2S); explains how and why it's a toxic poison; explains required mitigation strategies and associated emergency actions. A certificate is issued on successful completion.

Hot Work Safety NFPA 51 - C$29


Meeting NFPA 51B this online course identifies and explains the requirements for conducting hot work. 

It is designed for any personnel involved with hot work activity.

A certificate is issued on successful completion.