Firefighter Skills Session

Who is this session designed for?

This 1-day training session is designed for graduates of the Ontario pre-service curriculum, NFPA 1001 private career colleges, international training schools, and active firefighters. It will prepare you for the Skills Assessment Component adopted by many fire services in Ontario as a component of their pre-employment screening and application process. 

What will we be doing during the training session?

While at our indoor training facility, you will participate in a hands-on practice of each identified skill. Your instructor will communicate key performance requirements and provide ample opportunity for you to refine each skill. Prior medical training is required to be successful within this review and preparation session. 

Where is the training session held?

Your session will be delivered at the Access Rescue Training Centre, 3317 Mainway Drive, Burlington, ON.

Course runs from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.  Your session may go a little longer based on participants' training needs.